TV security

Samsung at the forefront of TV security innovation with Knox platform

Samsung continues to lead the way in TV security with its innovative Knox platform, in recognition of the importance of protecting user data and privacy as the world becomes increasingly connected. Knox, built into Samsung’s latest TV lineup, offers unparalleled security features that give users peace of mind while enjoying their favorite content in an increasingly interconnected smart home ecosystem.

Samsung at the forefront of TV security innovation with Knox platform

 This commitment to security has recently been validated, with Samsung receiving the prestigious Common Criteria (CC) certification for its 2024 TV lineup, marking the 10th consecutive year that Samsung Knox has been recognized for its high security standards. The CC certification is a testament to Samsung’s dedication to providing users with the highest level of protection against potential cyber threats.

Nikola Aksentijevic, Director and Head of Visual Display Division, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “At Samsung, we understand that our customers value not only cutting-edge features and stunning picture quality but also the assurance that their personal data is secure. With Knox, we are delivering on our commitment to provide the highest level of security in the TV industry, enabling users to enjoy their favorite content without worrying about potential vulnerabilities.”

The Knox platform, a multi-layered security solution, safeguards sensitive user information and ensures that Samsung TVs remain resilient against evolving security risks. By employing a combination of hardware and software protection, Samsung Knox offers a comprehensive approach to TV security.

The platform boasts three core security features that work together seamlessly to create a secure viewing experience. Tizen OS Monitoring actively detects and flags unauthorized changes in critical sectors of the TV’s operating system, while Phishing Website Blocking verifies and preemptively blocks access to malicious websites. Meanwhile, Enhanced Personal Information Protection secures users’ sensitive data through a dedicated security processor, Samsung Knox Vault, ensuring that personal information remains protected.

In addition to the Knox platform, Samsung TVs offer a range of user-friendly security features, such as easily manageable privacy settings, app permission controls, and timely security updates, providing an added layer of convenience and control.