Rumor Round Up- What to Expect from Apple iPad Air 2.

With the possibility of the device having so much RAM, there’s speculation that the iPad Air 2 will offer the sought-after feature of multitasking. Essentially, this means the device shows two apps at the same time, something not previously seen on an Apple mobile device.

The Newest Operating System

Whenever the newest iPad Air hits the streets, bloggers and analysts agree it will likely run iOS 8. This operating system brings with it several benefits. The biggest improvement from a user’s perspective is the ability to respond almost instantly to incoming email and text messages. Notification of the message appears at the top of the tablet, and users can opt to respond to the message immediately without having to close the app they have open.

Compared to the current iPad Air, the iPad Air 2 is speculated to run smoother and faster than its predecessor. The iOS 8 gives users the chance to split their time between the iPad Air 2 and their iMac, as long as it’s running OS X. This seamless transfer is possible thanks to a feature called Handoff.

The Magic Touch


Image via Flickr by Editor B