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“Rules Rewritten” in the Middle East

Acclaimed visual artist Bradley Theodore was guest of honor at an event in Dubai celebrating the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars ‘Rolls-Reversed’ experience. 

The New York artist, known for his edgy street style, posed alongside a unique Rolls-Royce bearing his personalized design. The special edition was among a glittering line up of Rolls-Royce cars proudly on display at The London Project restaurant on Dubai’s Bluewaters Island.

With a mission to Design, Drive, and Celebrate, first a select group of guests collaborated with professional illustrators to embellish the elegance of Rolls-Royce with their own contemporary designs. Bradley Theodore was on hand to inspire the guests with his unique paintings on a Rolls-Royce Phantom. In the second installment, the distinctive motor cars were driven through the streets of Dubai. And finally, the guests were invited to an event held to celebrate the campaign’s conclusion.

“The experience was all about joining up with people new to Rolls-Royce and seeing the brand from a fresh and exciting perspective. We were very pleased to be joined by Bradley Theodore to enrich the creative experience. The guest’s passion and ideas really set the scene and there were no limits to their artistic freedom. The feedback from guests was hugely positive. They never believed they would be allowed to use a Rolls-Royce as the “canvas” for their own personalized piece of art, let alone drive it through Dubai. The conclusion of the event was a fitting celebration of a campaign full of fun and creativity.” said César Habib, Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East and Africa.