Rules of Marketing Your Website Offline

Short of creating national TV advertisements, it can be hard to gain digital visibility from marketing offline. But there are many different tactics that can be undertaken to ensure you are getting the most of your offline whereabouts as a means of increasing your online visibility.

Golden Rule #1 – Plaster your website everywhere

Every bit of signage you own, whether it on the front of your shop, or the back of your car needs to have significant space for a clearly visible web address. Making sure your website or brand is easily memorable will ensure people are able to remember it when they get home and on a computer.


Rules of Marketing Your Website Offline


Creating a QR code, either a custom code or a standard code that automatically saves the information directly into a users phone, or can direct them to the website or Facebook page there and then. It makes it much easier for the user and what make things easier is inevitably going to attract more visitors.

Golden Rule #2 – Yellow Pages

Don’t underestimate the power of the Yellow Pages, it is still the first choice for many finding local businesses, and including the website in an extended listing in the Yellow Pages gives the searcher another avenue to find out information.


Rules of Marketing Your Website Offline


Golden Rule #3 – Uniform

Many companies have employees that either travel about in a uniform or work within a store and having the website clearly visible on the staff member means they can become a walking billboards for the company. This means that you are getting a lot more value from paying for the uniform for your employees than you would be had you not included the website. Of course you could include the QR code on the uniform, but people may feel a bit uneasy scanning employees with their phones.


Rules of Marketing Your Website Offline


Golden Rule #4 – Go Guerrilla

Guerrilla marketing has become a lot more popular in recent years, although there have been companies making this their primary technique for decades, there are hundreds of different techniques that can be implemented to increase awareness, but it is the creativity that gets most people interested in a brand.

Golden Rule #5 – Be Nice

If the most important factor of a face to face business is the customer service. If you nail the customer service and inform customers to visit the website, without giving it an automated message like what is found on many customer help lines, word of mouth will spread and people will more likely become advocates of a company.


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