Rode Unveils New Headset for Gamers and Content Creators

Rode Unveils New Headset for Gamers and Content Creators

Rode barely dabbled with headphones last year, but it’s now ready to launch its first headset — and this time it’s targeting gamers as well as creatives. The NTH-100M retains the NTH-100’s recognisable form but adds a removable condenser microphone. It’s too soon to tell if the gear is actually “broadcast-grade,” as Rode says, but the company’s reputation for microphones bodes well if you want high-quality audio while conversing with colleagues or presenting a webcast. If you already have the headphones, you may purchase the boom mic separately (as the NTH-Mic).

Otherwise, the design will seem familiar. The 40mm dynamic drivers, according to Rode, are intended for precise frequency response with little distortion. If you want a neutral sound for editing podcasts and videos, choose the NTH-100M. Although you won’t get noise cancellation or Bluetooth, the headset will be quite comfy. When we tested the NTH-100, we found the cooling gel and other design elements to be useful for long listening sessions.

The NTH-100M will cost $189, which is $50 more than the headphones on which it is based. If you currently own the NTH-100, you can get the NTH-Mic for $69. This implies that if you were holding out and could utilise the microphone, the combination bargain represents a $20 savings. You might also get the basic 100 for listening and upgrading when you’re ready to generate content.

The NTH-100M is likewise a one-of-a-kind Rode product. While it does not fall under the company’s Rode X gaming brand, it is obviously geared towards gamers and Twitch broadcasters as well as artists and podcasters. In that sense, it bridges the gap between consumer and creator in a manner that even the headphones couldn’t.

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