Robosen's Auto-Transforming Grimlock: A Price Tag Worth a Mortgage Payment

Robosen’s Auto-Transforming Grimlock: A Price Tag Worth a Mortgage Payment

Robosen, the pioneering robotics company, has introduced an awe-inspiring new addition to its auto-converting Transformers lineup – the Grimlock. Following the successful launch of its self-transforming Optimus Prime in 2021, the company set its sights on the Autobot-allied leader of the Dinobots, Grimlock, renowned for transforming from a formidable robot into a mechanical T-Rex. While the impressive capabilities of this collectible robot have garnered widespread admiration, its $1,699 price tag (available at $1,499 for pre-orders) may raise eyebrows for some.

Standing tall at 15 inches in robot mode and 15.4 inches in dinosaur mode, the Grimlock collectible is hailed by Robosen as “the epitome of auto-conversion” and proudly claims to be the world’s first dual-form, bipedal walking robot. This remarkable creation integrates an impressive array of technology, boasting 85 microchips, 34 high-precision intelligent servos, and harnessing the power of advanced SOC chip technology along with a comprehensive robot operating system. Furthermore, its six-axis IMU sensors ensure impeccable balance monitoring during its dynamic transformations.