Rivian incentivises EV truck purchases by offering a wall charger and $2000 install credit

Rivian, the EV manufacturer has been going through some ups and downs recently, and to make matters trickier, Tesla is all set to host its first Cybertruk delivery event. So, in a desperate bid to throw a spanner in the works, the company has announced that every Rivian EV Pickup truck that is purchased will be accompanied by a wall charger and $2000 install credit. This ‘Home Charging bundle’ will be on offer until the end of the year, which is not that big a duration considering we are already half way through November.

If you are intrigued by this Home Charging Bundle, this is how it will work out –

The moment you place an order for the Rivian EV Pickup, within 2 days, the home charger will be shipped to your location. This is supposed to save you around $800. The shipping of the wall charger also entitles you to installation credit with the official installation partner of Rivian, which happens to be Qmerit. The installation team will support the installation of the wall charger and other peripheral accessories, so that you are ready to go when the pickup truck is delivered.