chatty cat app

Revolutionize Your Pet’s Life with ChatGPT-Powered Chatty Cat App for Mac

A new ChatGPT-powered app called Chatty Cat has been launched for macOS users, offering a unique and fun way for pet lovers to interact with six different 3D animated and interactive pets. Developed by Ben Harraway, Chatty Cat is a friendly AI-powered pet that speaks several languages and does not require an OpenAI key.

Unlike other ChatGPT-powered apps or extensions, Chatty Cat’s six pets, Dirty Dog, Mischievous Monkey, Pedantic Panda, Romantic Rabbit, and Tired Tigger, start the conversation and check in on the user throughout the day. According to Harraway, the pets are “a trusty sidekick to help you with tasks, chat about random things, or just pop up and say Hello.”