Reddit experiences a "major outage" due to an internal system problem

Reddit experiences a “major outage” due to an internal system problem

It’s not just you if you’re having trouble accessing Reddit. At the time of publication, the platform was experiencing an outage that had already lasted more than 90 minutes. According to Reddit, desktop and mobile web access is currently unavailable due to a “major outage,” while the native mobile app is experiencing a “partial outage.” Furthermore, neither the web nor the Reddit mobile app appears to load.

At 3:12 PM EDT on Tuesday, Reddit’s system status page listed the service as “Investigating,” with the message, “Reddit is currently offline. We’re trying to figure out what’s wrong.” The status was changed to “Identified” at 3:56 PM, with the note, “We’ve identified an internal systems issue and are working to determine a fix.” Furthermore, the third-party site DownDetector reported a massive spike in reported problems around 2:50 PM.

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