Red Bull’s Customer Team Plans Revealed, Potentially Rivaling Mercedes

Red Bull’s engine department, Red Bull Powertrains, which was initiated in early 2021 following Honda’s departure from Formula 1, has ambitious plans to supply teams. However, they are taking a cautious approach and intend to focus on serving their two existing teams before expanding further.

Currently, Formula 1 has four engine suppliers servicing all 10 teams. This number is set to increase to six by 2026, with Audi and Honda rejoining as engine suppliers. Red Bull’s new venture into engine manufacturing has garnered significant interest, particularly due to their current success on the track.

While inquiries have already been made by teams like McLaren, Red Bull’s immediate plan is to supply only their two teams, Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri. Christian Horner, the team principal, emphasized that they want to establish themselves and prove their capabilities before considering additional customers.

Horner highlighted that Red Bull is an independent engine manufacturer and has a productive partnership with Ford. In the future, they may consider supplying more teams, but their primary focus is on establishing themselves in this role.

Currently, Mercedes supplies the most teams, including Aston Martin, McLaren, and Williams, in addition to their own team. This multi-team approach provides various advantages, particularly financial ones. Horner revealed that Red Bull Powertrains has designed its facility to accommodate up to four teams in the future, indicating their long-term intentions.

Their current emphasis, however, is on building a cohesive team, integrating the engine division with the chassis team, and making substantial progress in this challenging endeavor. Red Bull’s aspiration is to be a formidable force in engine supply within Formula 1 while taking measured steps towards expansion.