Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black’s “My moment” hits YouTube stats [Trending video]

Rebecca Black is back  with a offical YouTube channel and a new video “My Moment ” has created another wave of intrest after her first video Friday was caught in YouTube trends chart in early this year.So far the new video has 50k hits within a matter of hours of launch of the video more intresting is YouTube’s Likes statistics has taken a hit too reporting 45k likes and 75k dislikes.

The video has opened for comments and you get a mixed reactions from YouTube users “ITS NOT THT BAD? PEOPLE!” “302 views and 60 000 dislikes, dont know bout you but youtube needs math class? “”Let’s see? any of you do better, Get over yourselves. She’s made more out of herself as a thirteen year old then any of you will in your whole lives

As expected this video is the most trending on YouTube as of now. Catch her videos on her official channel using this link.