How to get started on Google Plus?

Google recently unveiled Google+ (Google Plus), their alternative social network to Facebook. Now in invitation-only testing, Google+ aims to improve on current social media with features like Circles for better friend grouping.

As invites trickle out, here’s a primer on setting up your new Google+ social hub:

Securing Your Invite

Currently, Google+ requires an invite code from an existing user to gain access. Supplies are limited during this growth-constrained preview period. If you don’t have a code, try:

  • Requesting from friends already on Google+
  • Checking forums and social media for invite giveaways
  • Signing up to get invited to future tester rounds

Once obtained, you can begin the new profile creation process.

Setting Up Your Profile

The Google+ profile setup flow is intuitive and straightforward. Start by:

  1. Entering basic profile info like name, location, occupation etc
  2. Uploading a profile photo
  3. Searching for friends already on Google+
  4. Populating Circles to categorize connections

Additional profile fields allow further customization, like adding a tagline or description.

Early Features to Check Out

Once set up, dive into Google’s unique take on social:

  • Circles for organizing friends and followers
  • Sparks for engaging content across interests
  • Hangouts for group video chat
  • Huddle for temporary group messaging
  • Mobile apps for Android & iOS

And much more as the platform rapidly evolves!

The invite process creates exclusivity during these initial days. But as the service opens up, Google+ presents an intriguing new paradigm for connecting online. Give it a try!