Realme's GT Neo5 phone can charge from 0 to 20% in 80 seconds

Realme’s GT Neo5 phone can charge from 0 to 20% in 80 seconds

Remember the Redmi phone, which had a massive 210W charging capacity? Another Chinese rival has followed suit with a 240W boost. The Realme GT Neo5’s 4,600mAh dual-cell battery can supposedly be charged from 0% to 20% in 80 seconds, 50% in four minutes, and 100% in 9.5 minutes. Given the lower 4,300mAh battery, this actually breaks the Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition’s 9-minute record in terms of mAh-per-minute.

Realme’s 240W SuperVOOC quick charging is made possible by a surprisingly small dual-GaN power converter that works in tandem with a proprietary high-current USB-C connection to produce 20V/12A of electricity. This is then transformed to 10V/24A by three 100W power management chips before it reaches the battery – a similar implementation to the Redmi. The adapter is also USB-PD compatible at up to 65W, as well as Qualcomm QC and Oppo VOOC-based solutions – the latter’s previous record being 150W. Realme further stated that even after 1,600 cycles (about four years of use), the battery health will not fall below 80%.