Razer Moray

Razer Moray: Immersive Audio for Gamers and Streamers

Razer, a prominent gaming technology company, is venturing into the realm of in-ear monitors (IEMs) with its latest product, the Moray. While IEMs are traditionally targeted towards musicians and audio professionals seeking isolation from external noise, Razer aims to expand its audience by catering to gamers and “marathon streamers.” The Moray boasts wired, THX-certified dual-driver earpieces that promise exceptional clarity in treble tones and powerful bass, accompanied by passive noise reduction capabilities of up to -36dB.

Comfort plays a crucial role in Razer’s design philosophy for the Moray. The ergonomic construction and braided cables are specifically engineered to provide a secure fit that can withstand hours of use. Razer asserts that users can indulge in extended gaming sessions or streaming marathons with minimal distractions. To optimize the fit, the Moray comes with three different varieties of ear tips, each available in three different sizes.