Rad Power is the first company in Europe to sell e-bike memberships

Rad Power e-bikes may now be hired in Berlin thanks to a collaboration with local business Cycles. Monthly memberships in Berlin cost €79.90 (about $78) for either a RadRunner utility e-bike or a RadWagon e-cargo cycle. Subscriptions may be month-to-month or year-long.

In Europe, a brand new RadRunner 2 costs €1,449, which is what you’ll pay after 18 months if you rent it.

Subscription fees also include repair services, which can be scheduled via the Cycle app if anything fails. There’s also a peace-of-mind program that minimizes the deductible in situations of damage or theft for an extra monthly charge. The subscription bikes may also be outfitted with accessories like baskets and racks (though it’s unclear if this comes at an additional fee).

In Berlin, Rad Power will compete with Dance and Swapfiets, both of which offer substantially cheaper e-bike memberships beginning at €39 per month. Cycle, which has typically served couriers and logistics organizations, claims to be present in more than 50 European cities throughout Austria, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. If all goes well, the corporation should be able to immediately expand the Rad Power pilot.