Rabbit R1

Rabbit R1 Leverages Perplexity’s AI for Current and Accurate Responses

When the quirky AI companion gadget Rabbit R1 debuted at CES, many specifics around its underlying tech remained uncertain. But Rabbit has now revealed Perplexity as the large language model (LLM) powering the device’s much-hyped conversational abilities.

San Francisco-based Perplexity may not be a household name yet, but the AI startup has drawn major investments from backers like NVIDIA and Jeff Bezos. The company ultimately aims to surpass Google in search and natural language prowess.


Rabbit R1


So how will Perplexity enable the cute little R1 “brick” designed by Teenage Engineering? Via constantly updated search results and responses without needing a subscription. For the first 100,000 R1 buyers, Rabbit is even throwing in one year of Perplexity’s $200 Pro service for free. That premium tier unlocks extras like file uploads, over 300 daily complex queries, and alternative AI models that likely won’t apply to R1’s focus as a conversational companion.

The orange gadget itself sports a 2.88-inch touch display, scroll wheel, microphone, speaker, rotating camera, and one-touch button for activating its Large Action Model brain. R1 can handle tasks like booking rides, suggesting recipes from ingredients, visually identifying objects, and real-time fact checking.

So while the R1 hardware first teased at CES grabbed attention with its charming retro aesthetics, Perplexity’s formidable AI represents the real muscle making this digital sidekick more than just a novelty. If the startup’s tech lives up to its promises, R1 could evolve into a genuinely handy kitchen or office assistant.

We’ll find out when the first units ship to early adopters in March or April. Pre-orders are already open for the $199 device. Beyond sheer utility, R1 may have enough modern smarts and old school charm to carve out a niche in the AI gadget space.