Prose, the global leader in personalization, unveils Singular, its end-to-end AI platform that allows the brand to offer custom beauty at scale through both innovative software and hardware technologies.


Singular has enabled Prose to propel personalized beauty and the made-to-order supply chain to unprecedented scale with a lifetime revenue close to half a billion dollars and more than 15 million made-to-order beauty products in its Brooklyn customization center. It’s a clear demonstration of how AI can enhance personalization in beauty and drive further satisfaction for consumers.

Prose utilizes the AI-powered BeautyTech platform’s four integrated components:

  • Singular ID analyzes and collects a consumer’s beauty needs and goals, starting with designing a comprehensive view of the individual’s beauty profile. From understanding a consumer’s lifestyle to the environment they live in, these factors combine to create a unique, holistic beauty profile and ensure that every solution is as individual as the person it’s crafted for.
  • Singular AI Labs turns consumer data into personalized formulas and routines and uses ongoing consumer feedback to optimize formulas—making every product uniquely tailored to each individual.
  • Singular Commerce powers front- and back-end commerce operations with an API-based architecture—transforming prospects into loyal customers through a seamless, integrated experience.
  • Singular Lines manufactures unique, made-to-order products and delivers them to a consumer’s door through Prose’s automated customization center located in Brooklyn, New York.

“This platform, which Prose has been using since 2017, underscores our belief in the power of AI, software, and hardware technologies to drive the beauty industry forward. It envisions a future where every product and experience is as unique as the individual it serves,” said Prose CEO and Co-Founder Arnaud Plas. “Prose has been the pioneer in utilizing Singular to execute its vision around ‘haute personalization’ in haircare and then in skincare, setting a new standard in the industry.”

Prose, the brand known for delivering custom haircare designed for the individual, recently launched the first AI-powered skincare line to offer truly personalized formulas that evolve with you over time and target multiple skin concerns at once. Prose has been utilizing Singular to drive personalization for the customer via 15M+ possible skincare formula combinations.

“We know the beauty industry is ripe for technological evolution—the overwhelming number of products available to consumers creates both an opportunity and a challenge which is where Singular comes in,” said Nicolas Mussat, Prose Co-Founder and CTO. “We’re leveraging AI to turn data into value—customizing formulas and routines to cut through the expansive beauty market, ensuring consumers get exactly what they need, and nothing they don’t.”

“Singular allows us not only to offer personalization, but personalization at scale,” said Anthony Perdigao, Prose COO. “Without the use of this cutting-edge technology, we’d never be able to grasp millions of consumers’ unique beauty needs and handcraft a specific product for each one. With Singular, we’ve been able to do that for Prose.”

Singular also enables the beauty industry to operate more sustainably through its made-to-order manufacturing process that reduces excess waste, translating to an outsized impact on the wellness of the world.