Porsche’s Macan SUV Promises 381-Mile Range and 621hp

Porsche has officially unveiled its new all-electric Macan SUV, delivering long-awaited details on pricing, specs and launch timing after teasing the vehicle last year.

The EV Macan positions itself as a rival to EVs like Jaguar’s I-Pace and Polestar’s 4, with ample range and features. Its 381-mile maximum range bests Porsche’s own Taycan sedan and enables Miami-to-Jacksonville drives on one charge. Two variants will be offered: a 397 horsepower Macan 4 and a 621 horsepower Macan Turbo nearly matching Porsche’s 600 hp promise.




Inside, the Macan boasts a curved 12.6-inch instrument display plus two 11-inch passenger and infotainment touchscreens. The entire system runs on Porsche’s voice assistant built atop Android Automotive OS, even offering an onboard Porsche App Center.

Exterior styling looks sleeker than previous Macans, helped by a retractable rear spoiler automatically adjusting downforce. While the front motor comes from Bosch, Porsche developed its own rear motor in Germany. There’s also a new traction management system Porsche claims is five times faster than the gas Macan’s four-wheel drive.


Porsche's Macan SUV Promises 381-Mile Range and 621hp


The electric Macan, ditching its “E-Macan” working name, will be sold alongside the gas variant until next year when the original gets discontinued. This supports Porsche’s pledge to make 80% of sales electric by 2030.

Porsche is targeting a late 2023 launch, but originally promised 2022, so delays could still occur. Pricing starts at $88,600 for the Macan 4 or $120,000 for the Turbo model, positioning it as a premium offering in the growing electric luxury SUV segment.