Polygon Launches Polygon 2.0 and QuickSwap Launches DragonFi 2.0 to Ignite 2024 with a Firestorm

With the entire crypto market on the rise, Polygon DeFi suite QuickSwap closed out calendar year 2023 with fireworks by delivering a trailblazing blog post laying out its plans to become the dominant DeFi force in Polygon 2.0, the next-generation ecosystem being developed by leading Layer 2 scalability stack Polygon. Releasing its plans to the full public, QuickSwap held no punches and spared no details in deliberating on its vision to become not only the go-to hub for all Polygon DeFi, but an evangelizing force for Polygon 2.0 and its zero-knowledge foundation. Already the most powerful community and brand in the Polygon ecosystem, QuickSwap has set the stage for a high-octane 2024, when the project will be firing on all cylinders to continue delivering on its ambitious objectives.


Polygon 2.0: The Breakdown

In summer 2023, Polygon released an announcement sharing a new vision of its own – a detailed blueprint for Polygon 2.0. Per the announcement, Polygon 2.0 is the next iteration of Polygon’s industry-leading Layer 2 scalability stack, which will transform into an expansive network of Layer 2 zk-rollups. Powered by zero-knowledge technology, the rollups that compose Polygon 2.0 will function interoperably, thanks in large part to Polygon’s Chain Developer Kit (CDK). Meanwhile, users will benefit from Web3’s most simple and intuitive experience yet, as Polygon 2.0’s cross-chain interoperability and unified liquidity imitate a seamless single-chain experience at the user level. Polygon’s high-performance zkEVM chain is slated to take on a prominent role as well, while its original PoS chain will be transitioned to a zkValidium chain with superior performance.




All together, Polygon is developing Polygon 2.0 to take the entire Web3 industry by storm with the most interoperable, high-performance, and robust Layer 2 ecosystem ever devised. On this accord, QuickSwap has wasted no time in setting up DragonFi 2.0 to become the dominant DeFi suite in the Polygon 2.0 paradigm. QuickSwap expects DragonFi 2.0 to make major ground in 2024 using one powerful tool for strategic expansion: the QuickSwap Citadel.


QuickSwap Citadels: Dragons on Every Chain

According to QuickSwap, a QuickSwap Citadel is a deployment of integrated QuickSwap DeFi platforms on new Polygon 2.0 chains – especially those developed with Polygon CDK. QuickSwap plans to immediately expand to as many Polygon 2.0 chains as quickly possible By arriving first to each and every chain with a QuickSwap Citadel, QuickSwap’s unique and integrated deployments will create comprehensive synergies. These synergies will not only provide incoming users with access to superior DeFi protocols, but will continue to grow QuickSwap’s already massive community, deepen liquidity, and strengthen Polygon 2.0 to become a fully integrated ecosystem.

In the technical department, QuickSwap has already demonstrated its capacity to deploy on new chains with resounding success. To date, QuickSwap has successfully launched Citadels on many of Polygon’s most prominent chains, including Polygon PoS, zkEVM, and Manta Pacific, not to mention Astar’s zKatana Testnet and X1 (OKX) Network testnet. All of QuickSwap’s Citadel launches have been conducted smoothly and without technical difficulties or bugs.


Opportunities on the Horizon for QuickSwap

As QuickSwap is the go to community hub for Polygon 2.0, the QuickSwap community may very well be on the receiving end of an array of liquidity mining programs and other special incentives from incoming chains. While no one can predict the future, one thing is for certain: opportunities will abound in 2024 for QuickSwap Dragons and the new chains they partner with. At present, more than 15 chains have announced their intentions of joining Polygon 2.0 via Polygon CDK. Better yet, Polygon 2.0 is capable of supporting a virtually limitless number of new chains, so the door is wide open for QuickSwap, its Citadels, DEX, Perpetual Exchange, Gaming Hub, Liquidity Hub, and other DragonFi primitives to add value and build lasting relationships with new entrants to Polygon 2.0.

In addition to its near-term plans deploying Citadels, QuickSwap has said it may leverage Polygon CDK to deploy its very own chain down the line. The project also anticipates Citadel deployments will present new opportunities to build new revenue streams. New users from existing ecosystems will inevitably generate volume and liquidity for QuickSwap, and revenue streams will follow in lockstep.

QuickSwap values its reputation as a project that gives back to its community and puts the highest priority on decentralization at every opportunity. Needless to say, early QuickSwap community members and existing ecosystem organizations will likely be in for some major returns as QuickSwap redistributes capital and decision making powers to those that contributed to its development and growth. But, QuickSwap is not here to give financial advice… Ha!