Podcasts are now available on YouTube Music in the United States

Podcasts are now available on YouTube Music, as promised. In the United States, you can use Android or iOS apps to listen to or watch audio or video podcasts without a Premium or Music Premium subscription. Shows will play in the background and can be cast to other devices such as speakers.

According to YouTube, the functionality is rolling out to American users “gradually,” so don’t be shocked if you have to wait a bit longer to see the podcast area. YouTube has not provided a schedule for when the format will be available in additional locations. Before you ask, yes, paid members will still have to listen to host-read advertisements.

The feature may appear strange given that Google already has a Podcasts app. This, on the other hand, unifies listening for YouTube Music subscribers — and, of course, ideally, entices you to sign up. If you pay for on-demand music and want everything in one location, this might make the app a more feasible alternative to Spotify.

YouTube has increased its podcast efforts across the board, including the addition of an Explore tab for non-Music users. Just don’t expect the service to produce a large number of originals like Spotify. The competitor has eliminated some of its originals and has been increasing Gimlet show distribution to other platforms. Even though there is still a lot of demand for podcasts, the market isn’t as hot as it once was.

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