Pierre Gasly frustrated with ‘far too many races’ without right ‘end result’ in 2023

Pierre Gasly is optimistic about Alpine’s position in the Formula 1 midfield battle, but he expressed frustration over the number of races where things haven’t gone his way this season.

Gasly’s latest setback occurred during the Barcelona Grand Prix, where he qualified in fourth place but received two grid penalties for impeding during qualifying. As a result, he found himself out of contention for a podium finish.

This disappointment added to Gasly’s belief that he could have been in the mix for a top-three result in Monaco the previous weekend, especially considering his teammate Esteban Ocon secured a podium finish in Monte Carlo.

Despite the challenges, Gasly acknowledges that recent races have highlighted the pace and potential of the Alpine A523 car. He feels confident and satisfied with the car’s performance. However, Gasly believes that both he and the team need to execute their race weekends more effectively to consistently achieve better results.

In a column for Formula1.com, Gasly shared his thoughts, stating, “The good news is that the Alpine car has the speed and potential. Apart from the dominant Red Bull, we are in a battle with Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and ourselves.”

Gasly’s remarks reflect his belief that Alpine has the potential to be the leading team in the midfield pack, challenging the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. However, he emphasizes the need for improved execution to capitalize on the car’s capabilities and achieve more consistent performances.

As the season progresses, Gasly and the Alpine team will be aiming to iron out the issues that have hindered their race weekends and translate their speed into strong results. With determination and a focused approach, Gasly hopes to turn the tide and establish Alpine as a force to be reckoned with in Formula 1’s highly competitive midfield battle.