Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF), leading the way with the industry-leading innovations in consumer electronics, has announced the availability of its all-new MC-YL798 drum vacuum cleaner in the UAE. A part of the Panasonic Extreme Vacuum Cleaners range, the model is perfect for cleaning larger homes and similar spaces across the UAE.  The Panasonic Extreme Series Vacuum Cleaners is the first-ever in the market to offer a detachable drum feature, taking fast, thorough and convenient cleaning to a whole new level.


Panasonic launches an industry-first detachable drum vacuum cleaner in the UAE


Thanks to the revolutionary drum that can be operated with a foot pedal control, Panasonic MC-YL798 making dust disposal easier than ever.  Its big dust capacity further elevates the no-sweat cleaning experience as it allows users to get rid of every dust and dirt particles in every spot of the house without the need to frequently empty the drum. The ingenious design eliminates Panasonic effectively eliminates extra physical effort needed while cleaning large spaces using a drum vacuum cleaner.

Along with the powerful motor and large capacity dust drum, the Extreme Vacuum Cleaners MC-YL798 is also built with big rollers for effortless movement over small obstacles such as thick carpets. With an input power of 2300W input power, 21L capacity, and a Full Capture Nozzle, the MC-YL798 is great for villas.

Enhancing the appliance’s durability is the rubber shield on the motor, which keeps sand and dust out.  For extra safety, a ground chain is attached to the drum as a countermeasure for static electricity.  Finally, the Extreme Vacuum Cleaners’ Anti-Bacterial filter includes copper in the fabric.  This copper eliminates odor particles through chemical bonding to keep the filter clean while improving room air quality and free of pollutants.

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The Panasonic MC-YL798 is available for AED 649 at leading retail stores across UAE.