Overwatch 2 loses its key hero designer soon before the sequel's release
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Overwatch 2 loses its key hero designer soon before the sequel’s release

Geoff Goodman, the primary hero designer for Overwatch 2, has departed Blizzard. According to a statement from Blizzard to The Verge, the long-time Blizzard employee opted to quit the firm “early this year,” as first reported by PC Gamer. Blizzard’s complete answer is as follows:

“We applaud Geoff for his many years of work at Blizzard and wish him the best in his future endeavors.” His ability to bring Overwatch’s broad hero pool to life via gameplay has been tremendous, and his impact on the Warcraft and Overwatch teams will be felt for years to come.”

The departure of Overwatch 2’s principal hero designer comes at an unfortunate moment, since Kiriko, the game’s 35th hero, was introduced only a few days ago.

Overwatch 2’s development was hampered by a lengthy development cycle and the departure of high-ranking employees during the company’s sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits. Goodman is the second notable Geoff (spelled differently) to quit the Overwatch 2 project. Jeff Kaplan, the famous director of Overwatch 2, departed the business last year after almost 20 years.

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