Organize Your Messy Google Docs Files with Google's New AI Tool

Organize Your Messy Google Docs Files with Google’s New AI Tool

Google is set to launch a new Large Language Model (LLM) called NotebookLM, designed to assist users in organizing their cluttered Google Docs accounts. The purpose of this tool is to generate concise summaries of documents, providing users with a better understanding of their content while leaving the original files intact for reference.

Let’s say you are a college student who hastily typed notes into a Google Docs file without structuring the page carefully. NotebookLM comes to your rescue by creating a short summary of your work, allowing you to grasp the main ideas at a glance. The AI also offers “key topics and questions” based on the summary, further enhancing your comprehension of the material. What’s more, this tool can pull information from multiple sources, not just limited to a single document.