OpenAI's Solution to ChatGPT Chatbot Cheating Concerns: AI Detection Tool

OpenAI’s Solution to ChatGPT Chatbot Cheating Concerns: AI Detection Tool

To address the issues raised by the usage of its ChatGPT chatbot, OpenAI has now introduced a new product. While some are concerned that the chatbot’s realistic character would establish a “SkyNet” scenario, OpenAI has created a web-based tool to assist users in detecting machine-written content. The application is free to use for instructors and is intended to assist them in determining whether or not students are using ChatGPT to cheat on their assignments.

Despite its shortcomings, the programme remains an essential resource for instructors attempting to detect AI-generated writing. The programme works by ranking the text’s likelihood of being created by an AI on a five-point scale ranging from “impossible” to “probable.” According to Axios, the programme is best successful on text samples of over 1000 words in English, while its efficacy degrades in other languages. The technology also cannot tell the difference between computer code authored by humans and AI.

OpenAI is dedicated to continuing to create tools to help identify AI content from human-written material, including the use of watermarks. Meanwhile, students contemplating utilising ChatGPT to cheat on exams should be aware of the new OpenAI application. It provides a five-point scale of conceivable outcomes, ranging from “impossible to be AI-generated” to “likely.” Cheaters, beware: OpenAI is on the lookout.

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