OnePlus Gives Sneak Peek of Upcoming Foldable 'OnePlus Open' with Focus on Innovative Hinge

OnePlus Gives Sneak Peek of Upcoming Foldable ‘OnePlus Open’ with Focus on Innovative Hinge

OnePlus CEO Reveals Foldable Smartphone's Unique Hinge Design and Hints at a Promising Outer Screen

OnePlus is ready to make waves with its upcoming “OnePlus Open” foldable smartphone, and the company’s CEO, Pete Lau, has provided a sneak peek in an exclusive interview with tech YouTuber Unbox Therapy. While the interview doesn’t dive into the device’s hardware specs or software features, it places a spotlight on a crucial element: the hinge. This may seem unusual, but it’s a testament to the extensive engineering that went into it. The OnePlus foldable will sport a slim, gapless design when closed, reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Pete Lau emphasized the significance of this hinge, revealing that OnePlus holds “35 patents” related to its design to ensure a flat form factor. To demonstrate its strength, the video showcases a tester folding the phone on a sheet of paper and suspending it mid-air by holding onto the sheet. The phone remains in place without shifting or sliding. Compared to the Oppo Find N2, a device from OnePlus’s sister brand, the new hinge has 31 fewer components and is “37 percent smaller.”

What’s intriguing is that, at first glance, it appears that OnePlus has avoided compromises on the outer screen, a criticism leveled at the Galaxy Z Fold 5 for its narrow cover display. OnePlus seems to have struck a balance, offering a comfortable design without making the screen too wide or thin.