Advertisements have been a powerful medium of influencing buyer decisions for a wide variety of products and services offered by the marketers. With the advent of newer aspects of technology and evolution of latest media resources; and more so through the ever increasing spread of the internet and the website penetrations, the concept of advertising and the means of business have undergone a paradigm shift.


This is where OLX as an online ads Service provider of free online classified advertisements solutions to buyers and sellers for trading activities i.e. buying and selling, discussing on various subjects and socializing has established itself for providing the most advanced services.


OLX with its user friendly and convenient to use front end interface allows the users with the flexibility to create their own powerful advertisements for promoting their products and services online, design and undertake the actions required for initiating sales, purchases and post transaction follow-ups, creating a community group activity profile through My OLX and the facility to display the advertisements on social networking site profiles.


OLX has been designed for an easy interface access through the mobile handsets on various platforms and also has the flexibility for initialization in vernacular languages.


For the Indian users OLX provides dedicated city web access. This results in faster access of data and a higher response time as searching and indexing the information contained in the databases becomes easy. OLX provides a convenient platform with an easy to use functionality and simple navigation links at the home page to people interested in selling their products online and also allows the trading of second hand items from their home. OLX does not restrict its usage with regards to trading of a vast range of items like Automobiles, appliances, Computer peripherals, clothes, apparels, mobile phones, electronic goods and services.


The online advertisement marketing is the latest concept in marketing. It offers a flexibility and power of custom-design, quick hosting and round-the-clock availability to the website users. With the flexibility of hosting multi lingual advertisements through the same website medium, it has far reaching impact on a larger segment of consumers representing different strata and cultural backgrounds.


With the ever changing preferences of the buyers and their requirements of carrying out trade and commerce with convenience and ease of operation, OLX is the best choice as it is in synch with the requirements of the current times and constantly upgrading it through use of technology and website management to continuously provide its users the ultimate online experience in the activity of its available online services.