nybl and Basserah tech merger set to grow the AI industry from Saudi to the World

audi technological leaders nybl, the science-based artificial intelligence (AI) pioneer, and Basserah, a specialist in the data and robotic-process automation domains, have announced the finalization of a merger between the two companies. The merger is expected to enhance the rapid acceleration of the companies’ regional and global growth ambitions by creating a vertically integrated data-ai pipeline.

The merger will see nybl’s brand unchanged, with nybl completely integrating Basserah’s people, products, systems, intellectual property, and expertise within the nybl operation.

Mr. Noor Alnahhas, Co-Founder and CEO of nybl, said, “We are excited to welcome Basserah’s founders and talented team, as well as their expertise, products, systems and intellectual property, into the nybl community. We expect the merger to strongly enhance the nybl offering, strengthen the region’s economy and technological capacity, and position us for positive global growth. Today we stand ready to compete at a global level with some of the biggest players in the region.”




Basserah, a subsidiary of NOMD Holding, has an impressive track record of exceptional success in helping businesses in various industries including Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, as well as the Government Sector, to harness the power of data and streamline their operations through robotic process automation.

Mr. Abdulaziz Almalki, previous CEO of Basserah and newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer at nybl, said, “Data is the bedrock of artificial intelligence, and by merging with nybl, we have created a diversified, vertically integrated environment. This positions us to offer unparalleled end-to-end solutions to our clients – from data gathering, management, governance, and analysis to artificial intelligence. By challenging conventional approaches and fostering innovation, we aspire to drive meaningful change across industries and nations. It is an exceptional opportunity for us to grow together, combining Basserah’s local expertise with nybl’s technological prowess, resulting in rapidly rising Saudi companies merging to accelerate the regional economy and our global competitiveness.”




Noor Alnahhas continued, “This partnership between two proud Saudi companies at the forefront of the digital economy perfectly aligns with our transformation efforts towards an innovation-based economy. The partnership will deepen regional ties, advance research and innovation, and enhance our digital infrastructure. nybl has long been a proud ambassador for the region’s digital future, and this merger firmly consolidates our position as a central and regional hub for innovation and technology investment.”

Mohammed AlKhushail, Chairman of NOMD Holding and newly appointed Chairman of nybl, said, “The outcome of this strategic partnership reaffirms our commitment to enabling the fast-growing disruptive technologies of tomorrow’s digital world delivered by outstanding local talents. Aligned with Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman’s, Saudi Vision 2030, this merger not only supports our mutual growth, but fosters regional digital capacity, infrastructure and competitiveness. We have made it our mission to shape the future of regional digital economies and create great value for our people. The result is a proud Saudi company, deeply committed to the advancement of the region and playing an outsized role on the world stage.”

Mohammed Shono, Co-founder and COO of nybl added, “nybl and Basserah have demonstrated a long-term commitment to increasing local value and contributing to the economic and technological development of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the technological foundation for the world’s leading corporations, and this merger has significantly expedited our progress toward achieving this objective. Yet our aspirations extend beyond corporate success: we aspire to democratize AI and catalyze positive transformations. We anticipate that this collaboration will empower us to harness technology for the greater good, creating a world that is more sustainable, safer, and more prosperous. Together we will pursue our ambition to create meaningful change through the transformative potential of AI.”