Nvidia's RTX 5090: What to Expect in 2024, AMD's Move in the Spotlight

Nvidia’s RTX 5090: What to Expect in 2024, AMD’s Move in the Spotlight

If you’re itching for Nvidia’s RTX 5090 in 2024, here’s the lowdown: keep an eye on what AMD’s cooking up next year. The tech wizards at Moore’s Law is Dead spilled the beans, saying Nvidia’s game plan for launching the RTX 5090 in 2024 is riding on AMD’s moves with their next-gen RDNA 4 GPUs.

Word on the street is that Nvidia’s shiny new consumer architecture, rocking the Blackwell GPU setup, might hit the scene around the fourth quarter of 2024. But here’s the catch – it’s all tied to how well the current RTX 40-series is selling in 2024 (especially with those hot new RTX Super SKUs dropping in January 2024), and whether AMD’s mid-range-focused next-gen cards throw a wrench in Nvidia’s year-end sales.

Even though AMD’s aiming for the mid-range market, a slam-dunk launch could shake things up in the high-end game. Picture this – Nvidia might have to drop a flashy new flagship graphics card to keep the GeForce line in the limelight.

Fast forward to 2025, and Nvidia’s gearing up to flex the RTX 5000 series at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), hinting that the next-gen GPUs might hit the stage early that year – a bit earlier than some folks predicted.

With Nvidia skyrocketing to trillion-dollar status thanks to their AI chip wizardry, and CEO Jensen Huang practically saying, “We’re more than just graphics now,” things are up in the air. The burning question: Will there even be an RTX 5090 in 2025? Nvidia’s juggling some major decisions, weighing the AI market’s jackpot against the good ol’ gamer graphics card scene. The gaming crew’s holding their breath, waiting to see how this epic showdown plays out.