NVIDIA Reflex Boosts Performance in ‘Counter Strike 2’ with 35% Reduced Latency

NVIDIA Reflex isn’t limited to ‘Counter Strike 2.’ It has become a staple in gaming, benefitting over 50 million players monthly. This technology provides gamers with a competitive edge in multiplayer matches and enhances the responsiveness and enjoyment of single-player titles. With its integration into nine of the top ten competitive shooters and activation by 90% of GeForce gamers across over 80 supported titles, NVIDIA Reflex has firmly established itself as a must-have feature for any serious gamer.

To accurately measure latency in ‘Counter-Strike 2,’ gamers are recommended to use the NVIDIA Frameview tool, ensuring precise results. For those seeking a more ‘professional’ testing experience, NVIDIA LDAT is also available. Gamers and enthusiasts interested in further details can reach out to an NVIDIA PR representative.