NordLayer's New Browser Extension Unifies Top Tools in a Single Interface

NordLayer’s New Browser Extension Unifies Top Tools in a Single Interface

NordLayer, a leading business VPN provider and part of the NordSec group, has unveiled a new browser extension that combines the features of its desktop network access security solution into a single interface. Formerly known as NordVPN Teams, NordLayer specializes in scalable cybersecurity services for businesses.

Compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers, the NordLayer browser extension aims to revolutionize hybrid-cloud operations for teams while ensuring stable connections, fast browsing speeds, and robust security. The extension offers a lightweight alternative to the desktop app, providing the same high-security standards and optimized web browsing performance. Users can simultaneously access multiple private gateways, enhancing their browsing experience.

According to Art?ras Bubokas, a product manager at NordLayer, the browser extension presents a simple, intuitive, and effective security solution. It offers an additional layer of security for online activities and serves as an alternative option for securing web-based company resources. The extension also addresses potential compatibility issues with different operating systems, making it an ideal choice for devices such as ChromeOS.

It’s important to note that the NordLayer browser extension encrypts data solely at the browser level. While this offers advantages in terms of reduced internet usage and improved speeds, users should consider the implications of browser-level encryption for their specific security needs.

Bubokas highlights the convenience of the extension, emphasizing its ability to provide secure internet access in a few clicks. With NordLayer’s new browser extension, businesses can enhance their online security posture and streamline their VPN experience, ensuring seamless connectivity and protection for their teams.

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