No Budget Pixel? Google's VP Clarifies the Future of Pixel Phones

No Budget Pixel? Google’s VP Clarifies the Future of Pixel Phones

Google's Nanda Ramachandran Addresses the Possibility of a Low-Cost Pixel Phone

The recent launch of the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro has stirred curiosity about the potential arrival of a more budget-friendly addition to the Pixel series. However, fans hoping for a truly budget Pixel phone may be disappointed, as VP of Google Mobile Business, Nanda Ramachandran, has clarified the company’s current stance.

The Verdict on Budget Pixel: According to remarks from Ramachandran to Der Standard, there are currently no plans in motion for a low-cost Google Pixel phone. The reason cited is the multitude of compromises that would inevitably accompany such a device. It appears that Google remains focused on maintaining a balance between price and performance in its Pixel lineup.