Nikon Launches newer models of COOLPIX Cameras.

Nikon Launches newer models of COOLPIX Cameras.


The Nikon COOLPIX L830: Ultra-High-Power Zoom and Comfortable Operation


With improved usability for shooting both stills and Full HD movies beautifully, the COOLPIX L830 packs a 34x optical zoom in a compact body. It also allows macro shooting as close as approximately 1cm, so you can capture even the smallest detail in clarity. The L830 is equipped with an array of high-end features such as the new five-axis vibration reduction function that compensates for camera shakes, and effectively reduces vibration reduction under a wider variety of circumstances. Available in Black, Red and Plum, the L830’s easy-to-hold grip and side zoom control provides superior stability while shooting and makes this a great camera for the great outdoors.

Retail price: AED 999

 The Nikon COOLPIX L330: Quality Images from Wide-Angle to Telephoto Range