NFL Partners with AWS to Unleash AI-Powered "Next Gen Stats"

NFL Partners with AWS to Unleash AI-Powered “Next Gen Stats”

Game-Changing Analytics: How AI is Revolutionizing American Football

The National Football League (NFL), akin to numerous professional sports industries, is embracing the potential of artificial intelligence. Through a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) known as “Next Gen Stats,” the NFL is embarking on a journey to harness intelligent algorithms and cutting-edge data collection tools to extract profound insights from games and unravel intricate player performance patterns. AWS was inspired by submissions to the 2023 Big Data Bowl, an annual software competition organized by the NFL, prompting the creation of a new category of analytics focused on “pressure” in football.

With AWS at the helm, AI-powered algorithms have been developed to analyze player behavior on the field, discerning the nuances of a defender’s aggression, speed, and a quarterback’s responsiveness. This granular data allows for the quantification of pressure, offering game analysts a deeper understanding of the strategic elements influencing plays. These advanced analytics transcend traditional statistics, providing a richer context. While conventional data might reveal whether a rusher reached a quarterback, it may fall short in explaining the intensity of the encounter. This is where the concept of “pressure probability,” tracked by “Next Gen Stats,” dives into the finer details.