Next week, PlayStation’s new loyalty programme will be available in the United States

Sony’s new PlayStation Stars reward program will begin on October 5th in North and South America, the firm revealed on Wednesday. The new initiative will allow PlayStation enthusiasts to earn prizes like points and digital items by doing tasks such as playing a game or achieving specific trophies.

Sony has also revealed some of the program’s finer points, which largely correspond to previous reports. The program is free to join with an adult PlayStation Network account, and although PlayStation Plus members may receive certain advantages, you do not need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to join Stars. To begin, the “full PlayStation Stars experience” will be accessible via the PlayStation mobile app but not on consoles; Sony said in September that Stars will be available on consoles “in the future.”

PlayStation Stars will allow you to earn both loyalty points and digital items. Points may be used for things like PSN dollars and certain PlayStation Store products. Digital copies of characters and items from PlayStation’s past will be available as collectibles, which will be displayed in a case on the PlayStation app.

Some of the artifacts will be “ultra-rare,” and although it’s unclear how you get them, Sony’s blog post mentions being the first to achieve a platinum trophy in specific titles as the one Stars campaign in the works. However, the business emphasizes that the collectibles are not one-of-a-kind, do not “exploit blockchain technology,” and cannot be resold or exchanged, indicating that they will not be PlayStation NFTs.

PlayStation Stars is already available in Asia (including Japan) and will be available in Europe and Australia on October 13th.