MSI Recognized by Laptop Magazine as World’s 4th Best Laptop Brand of 2015

MSI Recognized by Laptop Magazine as World’s 4th Best Laptop Brand of 2015

In March, the time has come once again for Laptop Magazine, renowned media for mobile technology, to release its annual Best & Worst Laptop Brands report. MSI, unranked in the last few reports, has broken into the 2015 top list in an outstanding 4th place as well as the top spot among Asian brands. Laptop Magazine’s report stated, “From design to performance, MSI’s gaming notebook innovations consistently impress us”, also “If you’re looking for a laptop powerhouse, MSI is a great brand to choose from.”


Stunning Performance in Six Categories

Laptop Magazine’s annual Best & Worst Laptop Brands report recognizes the best laptop innovators and takes a look at the products driving the IT industry. MSI, the leading gaming brand, is featured in the ratings in 2015 and has made it into the top 4 with high scores in Reviews, Innovation, Design, Keyboard/Touchpad, Display and Audio.

Reviews (15/20)

The Reviews category saw MSI score 15/20 thanks to strong reviews of models such as the GT80 Titan SLI, GT72 Dominator Pro, GS70 Stealth Pro and GS60 Ghost.

Innovation (4/5)

MSI scored 4/5 for Innovation. Good Displays, simple designs, unique upgradability, desktop-grade performance, developing mechanical keyboard design and MSI exclusive performance upgrades.

Design (12/15)

MSI scored 12/15 for Design. The slim design of the GS60 Ghost and GS70 Stealth Pro as well as the groundbreaking design of the GT80 Titan to accommodate a mechanical keyboard are the major score makers.

Keyboard & Touchpad (12/15)

In the Keyboard/Touchpad category, MSI scored 12/15.

Because it focuses on gaming laptops, MSI equips its systems with SteelSeries keyboards that usually offer a lot of travel, good solid feedback and customizable backlighting. The laptops have large touch-pads with dedicated buttons for accurate gaming and navigation. In 2015, the company continues to push the envelope, releasing the GT80 Titan, the first laptop with a real mechanical keyboard, stated Laptop Magazine.

Display (9/10)

The Display category saw MSI score 9/10.

“At 272 nits brightness and a color gamut of 94 percent, which is well in excess of industry averages, MSI has the best displays in the business. But this isn’t a huge surprise, given that the brand focuses on gaming. MSI’s machines possess at least 1080p screens, although some, like the GS60, go up to 3K resolution.” stated Laptop Magazine

Audio (4/5)

MSI scored 4/5 for Audio with its Dynaudio-outfitted laptops producing smooth audio quality overall. The Audio Boost technology, 7.1 channel output and Nahimic audio software are also MSI’s audio highlights.