Motorola demonstrates their rollable smartphone concept

Rollable gadget prototypes have been seen from firms such as Oppo and TCL, and LG was even working on a commercial rollable smartphone before ceasing production last year. Lenovo is now showing off a laptop with a rollout display, while Motorola has a rollout smartphone – and they seem to be among of the most realistic attempts yet.

The phone begins at a highly pocketable 4 inches height, but with the press of a button, the OLED display expands to a standard-sized 6.5 inches. Another click returns the phone to its previous shape. It is useable in both sizes, and the material on the screen, including the home screen, movies, and more, changes to the size, as demonstrated below.

Lenovo also demonstrated a rollable laptop, which begins with a standard landscape display and then folds up to a square form, making it ideal for paperwork or vertical TikTok movies. In the video, Lenovo VP of design Brian Leonard noted that it is part of Lenovo’s study into unique form factors, which began with the ThinkPad 360P laptop/tablet. “As the material automatically adapts to the screen, it may grow into a lot bigger screen real estate, allowing individuals an unparalleled manner of hyper-tasking for work, browsing, and more,” he stated.

Motorola already produces a folding smartphone, the Razr, which is exclusively accessible in China, but rollable devices are far more complicated. People seem to like them, though; for example, LG’s rollable OLED TV was a popular item at CES 2019. In some respects, a rolling screen is more beautiful than a folding screen since there is no hinge or wrinkle to contend with.