Motorola has been at the heart of technological innovations since the very beginning, and have been responsible for some truly iconic gadgets ever made, most notably, the Moto Razr Flip phone. The company itself has gone through a lot of change over the years, but that has not stopped them from taking their innovations a step ahead with every new device.

In this Review, we will be looking at yet another innovation from the house of Motorola – The Motorola Dash Cam (more precisely, the MDC300GW).

The MDC300GW is a dashboard camera, which essentially helps in recording footage of your car, and in case of an accident, the recording saved on this device can help narrow down the cause of the accident and the person responsible as well.

The way the MDC300GW does this is through a G-Sensor, which senses a shock and immediately records and saves the footage.

Design –

Motorola has been known for making some of the best-looking gadgets to date, and the MDC300GW Dash Cam is no different. The rectangular form factor gives it a level of retro-tech look to the device, but the highlight is the beautifully textured panel on the front. The controls are on either side of the device, which keeps the middle portion dedicated to the display. The whole gadget looks like a mini version of one of their G Series smartphones, but that’s not a complaint in any respect. The form factor, the texture, the beautifully integrated Motorola Dimple logo on the front just makes the whole MDC300GW device look right at home and the black color finish ensures that it fits into any setup with ease.

Overall, when it comes to sheer design and aesthetics, the Motorola MDC300GW is one of the best looking dashboard cameras in the market today.

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Motorola Dash Cam MDC300GW Review

Performance –

The Motorola MDC300GW Dash Cam features a 3-inch front-facing camera which is rated at 2.19MP with a 1080p Full HD Resolution and a Sony Sensor. This ensures that the video footage you get out of the MDC300GW is crisp and has a great level of color accuracy. There is no rear camera, which you can get on the slightly more pricey MDC500GW, but we still get the integrated GPS, WiFi and Micro SD Card storage, which makes the MDC300GW a very compelling package.

The 1080p video footage that you get out of the MDC300GW is perfectly acceptable and the built-in stability control irons out most bumps and shudders caused by uneven road surfaces. The low lux sensor performs well in low light situations and the 3-inch rear touchscreen is one of the largest (and crispest) around, making interacting with the various menus and settings very easy.

The MDC300GW skips out some add-ons like driver assist and the ability to wake the driver in case he falls asleep, but that’s not really a complaint seeing that the device itself costs just AED419.

Motorola also bundles in a windshield mount with the MDC300GW, but it’s just too bulky and makes the whole setup feel cumbersome, especially since the camera itself is so portable and light.

Motorola dashboard cameras are available at Virgin Megastore, and will soon launch at Sharaf DG, Jumbo, and Dubai Duty-Free. Alpha Tech (a division of Alpha 55) is the exclusive distribution partner for the UAE.