Moog Joins Forces with inMusic, Adding to its Family of Iconic Brands

Moog, the legendary synthesizer manufacturer renowned for its iconic instruments, has been acquired by inMusic, a prominent conglomerate that boasts a portfolio of esteemed brands such as Alesis, Akai, and M-Audio. This unexpected development marks a significant shift for Moog, which has maintained its independence since the 1960s. The acquisition, according to Moog President Joe Richardson, aims to address the company’s ongoing challenges, particularly concerning global distribution supply chain concerns.

Moog’s struggles with chip shortages and supply chain disruptions, which have persisted since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, have resulted in substantial price increases for some of its flagship instruments. This information was first reported by Synth Anatomy and other sources. As Moog ventures into this new chapter, fans and industry observers are left wondering about the future of the brand and its cherished instruments.