Mint Mobile Alerts Users of Security Breach, Assures Resolution

Over the weekend, Mint Mobile, that mobile carrier Ryan Reynolds is backing, hit us with some heavy news. They shot out emails to users, spelling out a security breach that might have spilled the beans on our personal stuff—names, phone digits, emails, and even details about our plans. It’s the kind of info hackers dream about for those tricky SIM swap attacks.

This Reddit user throws up a screenshot of the email, basically asking, “Is this for real or some scammy scam?” Mint Mobile steps in to say, “Yep, it’s real,” and gives us a hotline to spill our worries about the breach.

Good news on a bad day: the hackers didn’t snag our credit card scoop because Mint says they don’t store that goldmine. Passwords also dodged a bullet, as per BleepingComputer’s report.

Mint Mobile wants us to know they’ve patched up the breach. They’re like, “Chill, folks, no extra moves needed from you.”

So, there you have it—a wild ride in the digital jungle. But Mint Mobile’s got our back, assuring us they’ve come out of it with our data still in one piece.