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Microsoft’s Windows 11 Start Menu Tweak Could Be a Real Timesaver

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system is set to receive an innovative enhancement to its Start menu, potentially offering users a significant boost in productivity. Recent preview builds of Windows 11, available in the Dev channel, have unveiled an intriguing new functionality: file previews for the Recommended section of the Start menu, located in the bottom panel.

The discovery was brought to attention by Twitter user PhantomOfEarth, who highlighted the addition’s potential usefulness in improving user experience. Upon hovering over any recommended file, Windows 11 will trigger a preview panel displaying relevant details. For instance, hovering over an image file will generate a small thumbnail of the photo, providing users with a glimpse of its contents before fully opening it in an image editor. This feature aims to save time and prevent frustration that might arise from opening the wrong file.