Microsoft's next-generation Bing is'stronger' than ChatGPT

Microsoft’s next-generation Bing is’stronger’ than ChatGPT

Bing might be returning. Microsoft said yesterday that it would collaborate with OpenAI to improve Bing using AI technology. Nevertheless, Microsoft has a surprise in store: the next version of Bing would use a new next-generation language model that the firm says is “far more powerful” than ChatGPT and is expressly built to excel at search.

Yusuf Mehdi, the company’s consumer chief marketing officer, demonstrated the new Bing at the occasion, asking it to compare the most prominent Mexican painters and their best-known works. Bing’s answer appeared in a new side panel with annotations and weblinks. Afterwards, Mehdi requested the search engine to evaluate three pet vacuums, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each brand.

You may use the chat function to ask Bing to generate a five-day trip plan for you, complete with connections to hotels, flights, and activities. The new Bing is already in preview mode. You may test a few sample searches on, something I haven’t done since 2009, and sign up on the waitlist for when it officially starts.

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