Microsoft's Copilot AI Chatbot App Lands on iOS

Microsoft’s Copilot AI Chatbot App Lands on iOS

Microsoft’s new AI assistant Copilot has spread its digital wings and taken flight on mobile. Just days after the standalone Android app launched, giving users quick access to the AI chatbot, iOS and iPad versions landed in the App Store.

Copilot conversations feel natural, with responses spun by OpenAI’s powerful GPT-4 model. This contrasts with the still impressive, but aging, GPT-3.5 brain behind ChatGPT’s free version. Only paying subscribers get the snazzier model there.

On iOS, Copilot has an extra trick up its sleeve: turning text into images. This visual magic comes from OpenAI’s new DALL-E 3 system, specifically designed to render challenging elements like human hands. DALL-E 3 also better understands the end result you’re aiming for with text prompts.

The iOS and Android apps continue Microsoft’s full-court press since rebranding Bing Chat as Copilot. First came standalone desktop access, then integration into Windows 10 and 11, potentially reaching over a billion devices. With mobile, Microsoft expands Copilot’s reach even further. And the apps remain free, unlike some ChatGPT versions.

By taking flight on mobile, Copilot becomes an AI sidekick you can chat with anywhere, not just at your desktop. Its brain may be artificial, but the conversation flows naturally. And with visual superpowers from DALL-E 3, your words can now become images in your hand. Microsoft is betting Copilot’s wings will carry this AI assistant far.