Microsoft says AI needs to be regulated, proposes new agency

Microsoft says AI needs to be regulated, proposes new agency

Microsoft has made a compelling case for the establishment of a new government agency focused solely on regulating artificial intelligence (AI), according to Bloomberg reports. Speaking at an event attended by members of Congress and non-governmental organizations in Washington, DC, Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith emphasized the need for AI to be governed by the rule of law and democratic principles. Smith proposed the implementation of redundant AI circuit breakers as part of Microsoft’s blueprint for AI regulation, ensuring the ability to quickly deactivate algorithms if necessary.

In addition, Smith strongly urged President Biden to issue an executive order mandating federal agencies to adhere to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) risk management framework when engaging with AI tools. Microsoft committed to following the NIST guidelines and pledged to publish an annual AI report to enhance transparency.

Microsoft’s call for AI regulation aligns with similar sentiments expressed by other tech giants, including OpenAI and Google. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified before Congress, advocating for the creation of a “new entity” dedicated to AI regulation and proposing independent audits of AI models. Altman, however, previously suggested that OpenAI might withdraw from the European Union if the company disagrees with new policies.

Kent Walker, CEO President of Global Affairs for Google and Alphabet, recently released a statement urging comprehensive efforts across various sectors to harness technological breakthroughs while mitigating risks associated with AI. Concerns regarding AI have even led prominent figures in the field to step away from its development. In April, former Google VP and engineering fellow Geoffrey Hinton, widely known as “The Godfather of AI,” resigned to openly raise awareness about the risks associated with AI.

While expressing concerns, Smith’s hour-long speech also highlighted the positive advancements AI has brought about. He compared its transformative potential to that of the printing press or electricity. In a corresponding blog post that echoed his speech, Smith boldly stated, “AI offers perhaps even more potential for the good of humanity than any invention that has preceded it.”

As AI continues to advance and permeate various aspects of society, the debate surrounding its regulation grows increasingly significant. Microsoft’s call for a dedicated AI regulation agency underscores the need to balance innovation with responsible oversight, ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed in a manner that aligns with ethical principles and safeguards against potential risks.

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