Microsoft Launches Bing AI Chatbot for Mobile Apps and Skype

Microsoft Launches Bing AI Chatbot for Mobile Apps and Skype

Microsoft’s generative AI-powered chatbot, which was introduced on Bing earlier this month, has already garnered over a million users with millions more on the waitlist. The chatbot has been available exclusively through the Edge desktop browser, but the tech giant is expanding its availability across various products, services, and devices.

Starting today, users with access to the chatbot through their Microsoft account can access it via the Bing and Edge mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Users can begin a chat session by tapping the Bing button at the bottom of the Bing mobile app or by firing up the chatbot from the homepage of the Edge mobile app.

Moreover, the chatbot can also be used on Skype, allowing users to converse with it one-on-one or add it to a group chat. The chatbot can assist users in planning a trip or resolving a debate by providing clarifications on movies, actors, or any other topic, and it can translate information in over 100 languages.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also added voice control capabilities to the chatbot for both mobile and desktop versions, which could potentially replace Cortana as the voice assistant of choice for users.

Microsoft has acknowledged that the chatbot’s rollout has faced some obstacles due to its increasing popularity, but it is fine-tuning the tool to improve its performance. Additionally, the company has indicated that it may introduce the chatbot to other apps like Teams in the future.

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