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Microsoft Enables Global Widget Customization on Windows 11, Allowing Users to Remove News Feed and Ads for a Cleaner Experience

Hey Windows 11 folks, good news – Microsoft is giving everyone the ability to ditch the clutter on the widgets panel!

Previously, we heard European users would get the option to remove the news feed and ads, leaving just widgets. But now Microsoft says this setting is rolling out globally in the latest Windows 11 preview build.

As they put it, “One of the new settings enables you to just show widgets on your widgets board.” Music to my ears!

The setting isn’t available to all preview testers yet, and will take more time to reach the full Windows 11 release. But it’s great to see Microsoft listening and giving us more control over the widgets panel.

For those who want the news feed, you’ll also be able to change the linked Microsoft account, so you’re not stuck with the one signed into your device. Handy!

There are also updates related to Copilot, like having it show up when Alt-Tabbing between apps, and using it across multiple monitors.

So in summary – more widget board settings coming to give us flexibility. Ditch the news and ads if you want a pure widget experience. Tweak the linked account for the feed. And some Copilot enhancements too.

Slowly but surely, Microsoft is improving Windows 11 based on user feedback. The widgets panel has been controversial, so giving control over its content is smart.