Meta's Quest for Virtual Reality Comes to a Halt: No More Feature Updates for VR Headset

Meta’s Quest for Virtual Reality Comes to a Halt: No More Feature Updates for VR Headset

In an email to users, Meta said that it would continue to support Quest 1 with a few — but significant — adjustments. While users may continue to use the smartphone and its applications, the Quest 1 will no longer get new features. Furthermore, until 2024, Meta will only provide important bug fixes and security updates for the headgear.

Over the previous several years, the smartphone has mostly received the same upgrades as its replacement, but now Quest 1 users will have to make do with the functionality that the device already possesses.

It’s conceivable that Meta is having trouble ensuring that new features operate on the Quest 1’s outdated hardware. The first headset was introduced in 2019 when the firm was still known as Facebook and the gadget was still known as Oculus. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor from 2017, which was already two years old at the time. When the Quest 2 was released in 2020, it was a considerable update, and its Snapdragon XR2 CPU delivered a significant power increase, allowing it to handle more complicated games and experiences.

However, the first Quest is losing some of its existing abilities: users will no longer be able to organise or join parties in the future. Furthermore, customers that have access to Meta Horizon Home’s social capabilities will lose access to them on March 5th, 2023. That implies they only have a few months to invite other people inside their Home or visit someone else’s.

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