Meta halts bonus payouts for Reels creators in temporary pause

Meta halts bonus payouts for Reels creators in temporary pause

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced that it is “pausing” its Reels Play bonus program. The program, which was introduced in December 2021, offered monthly payouts to Reels creators who hit certain view counts and other metrics. This initiative was part of Meta’s efforts to compete with TikTok and to funnel money into creator monetization programs.

However, Meta has now stated that it is “evolving” the program and will no longer offer new or renewed Reels Play deals for creators on Facebook and US creators on Instagram. The company suggested that it may still offer bonuses to creators in more “targeted” ways, such as if Reels enters a new market.

Insider notes that Meta is phasing out the payments as it prepares to expand advertising on Reels, which would enable more traditional revenue-sharing arrangements for creators. This move is in line with Tom Alison’s recent blog post about the company’s priorities, in which he hinted at the shift towards ad revenue and virtual gifting via Stars on Reels.

While Meta has not given a timeline for when the ad expansion will occur, the company’s decision to pause its bonus program suggests that it may not be far off. It remains to be seen how this change will affect Reels creators who were relying on the Reels Play program for income, but Meta’s shift towards advertising revenue may ultimately prove to be a more sustainable source of income for creators in the long run.

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