Mercedes Reveals New W14 Tweak for Spanish Grand Prix

Mercedes Reveals New W14 Tweak for Spanish Grand Prix

Mercedes, the renowned Formula 1 team, has announced that the iconic three-pointed star emblem on the nosecone of their W14 car will be adorned with the vibrant colors of the rainbow to commemorate the start of Pride Month, beginning with the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend.

June is globally recognized as a month to celebrate and honor the LGBT+ community, with various organizations, including those in the sports realm, emphasizing the values of diversity and inclusion.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, a staunch supporter of the LGBT+ community, has consistently showcased his solidarity by displaying a rainbow flag on the top surface of his crash helmet throughout the 2023 racing season.

In 2022, Mercedes introduced the ‘Pride Star’ emblem on the nose of their car for all races held in June, and they have confirmed its return ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, sharing the news on Twitter. The team tweeted, “The Pride Star is back. Raising awareness and supporting the LGBT+ community,” accompanied by an image of the redesigned emblem.

At the 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, seven-time World Champion Hamilton expressed his immense pride in the initiative. He remarked, “I’m really proud of what we’re doing with Mercedes with our Pride Month star, or ‘Pride Star’ on the car, which is the first time I’ve seen that in my time at Mercedes. It’s just amazing.”

Hamilton continued, “We have more than 100,000 people at Mercedes-Benz, and creating a more inclusive environment is so important, and focusing on creating better diversity within your organization is also so important within the sport.”

The reintroduction of the ‘Pride Star’ emblem is the latest modification to the 2023 Mercedes car, following the team’s unveiling of a highly anticipated upgrade package at the Monaco Grand Prix. In 2022, the team struggled to adapt to Formula 1’s new ground effect regulations, resulting in only one victory. However, with the goal of returning to championship contention in 2023, Mercedes faced a setback when they qualified six tenths of a second behind pole position at the season opener in Bahrain.

Team principal Toto Wolff admitted that the team had pursued the wrong development path for the new season, leading to sweeping changes and a technical restructuring that saw James Allison, a highly regarded figure, return to the forefront.

The recent upgrade in Monaco involved Mercedes transitioning from their divisive slim-sidepod design to a more conventional layout. Additionally, the team incorporated anti-dive technology, a key factor in Red Bull’s recent success, into their suspension system.

While the initial impact of the revisions in Monaco was not significant, with Hamilton and teammate George Russell qualifying sixth and eighth respectively, a clearer picture of Mercedes’ progress is expected to emerge at the more traditional circuit in Barcelona during the upcoming weekend.

As Mercedes proudly displays the rainbow colors on their car, they send a powerful message of support and inclusion, emphasizing the significance of diversity both within their organization and the sport of Formula 1.