Mercedes-Benz team receives another high profit sharing bonus as a thank you for outstanding engagement in 2023

Based on the preliminary results for the 2023 financial year published today, eligible employees are expected to receive a profit sharing bonus of up to 7,300 euros. As a thank-you for their performance and engagement over the past year, Mercedes-Benz is once again sharing the company’s success with its employees. The amount of profit-sharing is independent of the pay grade.

The final amount is subject to the determination of the definitive results for the past financial year in March 2024. The profit sharing scheme is a voluntary benefit offered by the company, and around 91,000 eligible employees in Germany will receive it with their April 2024 pay.

“Fascinating vehicles, innovative technologies and financial strength are the foundation for the successful transformation of our company. And, they are the result of the outstanding engagement of the Mercedes-Benz team in a very challenging market environment. With their full commitment, our colleagues continued to make a significant contribution to the success of our company in 2023.

We are pleased to be able to pay out a profit sharing bonus this year, and it is once again expected to be at a record level. Many thanks to all our colleagues who make the success of Mercedes-Benz possible”.
Sabine Kohleisen, member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG responsible for Human Relations and Labour Director

“Last year, our employees once again demonstrated in a challenging environment that the company can rely on them. As a token of appreciation for the exceptional performance and high flexibility shown by our colleagues in 2023, their outstanding commitment will once again be honoured with a profit-sharing bonus which is expected to be a record amount.

A successful profit-sharing bonus not only rewards the dedication and hard work of our employees, but also their loyalty and determination to overcome challenges and achieve goals.”
Ergun Lümali, Chairman of the General Works Council of Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Tariff-scale employees at Mercedes-Benz have benefited from profit sharing since 1997. For the financial year 2022, eligible employees have already received bonuses of up to the maximum amount of 7,300 euros.

Last year, company management and the General Works Council agreed on a realignment of the calculation for the voluntary profit sharing scheme from the 2023 financial year onwards. The calculation logic used for tariff-scale employees is now in line with the existing system for managers. The amount of the profit sharing bonus is now more closely aligned to the achievement of the company’s financial targets (EBIT and free cash flow) and systematic implementation of the sustainable business strategy.